Hot Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Double Chocolate Chip Dough

Chocolate Chip cookie dough goes camping

Recipe by Ashley Kilmer @akilmer88

What does camping mean to you?

To me, it means eating protein pancakes off of paper plates. 🤣
18g @pamcakespancakes Buttermilk Pancake Mix
12g @bowmar_nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate

24g @flavoredpbco Chocolate Almond Bar Peanut Powder
1oz @twistedcookiedough Chocolate Peanut Butter Ready to Eat Cookie Dough (KILMER saves you 💰🙃) Mix batter ingredients with a little bit of water until pourable consistency.

For the peanut powder topping, mix with very little water to have as a paste and add a little bit more water to be able to drizzle. 
Roll cookie dough into smaller pieces and enjoy! Try not to eat it all before adding it to your pancakes!

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