Protein Infused Whipped Dough - Individual Jars
Twisted Foods Cookie Dough

Protein Infused Whipped Dough - Individual Jars

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What is Dirty Dough you ask!? Our First ever bakeable dessert dough. Still enjoyable raw from the jar or this time you bake cookies! 10 cookies in a jar infused with protein. Flavors come and go so grab them when available

Whip Dough has a fluffy marshmallow texture. It's like eating pudding from the jar as a kid. Simply mix 1C milk or coffee, mix by hand or toss in the blend for a perfect whipped goodness! If you want a light and more creamy dessert dough infused with protein, pick me! Flavors come and go so grab them when available.

Show us #howdoyoudough Tag us in how you eat it! Weight watchers points: 4-7

Ready to try a jar of dough, but not quite sure if you're ready to commit to a bundle? Our individual jars are here for you to enjoy! Nutritional and descriptions are in your Dough Vault! Happy Shopping! Prices vary based on month and we are in shipping with dry ice, make sure you bundle and save for FREE SHIPPING! 

Pick your flavor and have it shipped directly to your door, shipping schedule is below

Find a detailed description and all nutrition information on each flavor by visiting our Dough Vault.

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*Images are shot in a temperature control environment. Product will shift/sink in transit and can melt when shipped to warm climates.


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